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AsVIVA V9 Vibration Plate & Vibration Trainer

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  • V9
    15 kg
V9 Vibration Plate & Vibration Trainer black DESCRIPTION | AsVIVA Vibration...

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Product information "AsVIVA V9 Vibration Plate & Vibration Trainer"

V9 Vibration Plate & Vibration Trainer black DESCRIPTION | AsVIVA

5-12 Hz
Training intensity
20 levels
Touchscreen &
Remote Control
Type of vibration
Oscillation system
Training surface
Large size

650 x 370mm

V9 - Vibration Trainer

Large 3 zone training surface
Oscillating vibration technology  
Touch display and remote control  
200 watt long-life motor with 5-12 Hz
Transport wheels (Take-to-Carry system) 
Equipped with a large training surface, the AsVIVA V9 Vibration Plate offers plenty of freedom during vibration training. Training exercises that require a large training area are no problem, since the 3-zone training area of 65 x 37 cm gives you plenty of space.   

Another advantage of the V9 is the type of vibration. In contrast to triaxial (3D vibration), the AsVIVA V9 uses oscillating vibrations. This is also referred to as a seesaw system, as the vibrations generated are more like a rocking seesaw than a vibration. The vibrations are not rigid like with conventional vibratory movements, but adapt to the movements of the user, resulting in a natural and holistic training effect.   

AsVIVA V9 Vibro-Plate Vibration Trainer

Fitness bands
including fitness bands
Anti-vibration damper
Vibration damper
V9 touch screen and remote control
Touchscreen & Remote Control
Easy transport wheels
Easy transportation system

With power for training

V9 Vibration Plate from AsVIVA
This engine moves...

The vibration is generated by a quiet and powerful 200 W long-life vibration motor. This produces a sensational 5 to 12 Hz and an amplitude of 1 to 10mm. The sound-absorbing and non-slip feet ensure you won't annoy your neighbours when you workout. These prevent the transmission of vibrations into the ground and ensure secure stability.

3 zone training area

Additional training exercises and training effects are possible thanks to the 3 zone standing area and the two resistance bands with additional comfort handles. This makes the V9 vibration plate an absolute all-rounder for a total body workout. For an enjoyable and relaxed workout, simply place the feet in the middle of the pad. For a comfortable but more demanding workout, the foot position can be shifted outwards slightly, and for a hard workout just put your feet on the outside in the third zone for the most effective training.

Fitness for the senses

Vibration Plate And Vibration Trainer from AsVIVA
An intelligent fitness computer
LCD display, remote control & touch button function ensure easy and comfortable operation of the vibration trainer (even during training). The 3 predefined and specially developed programs ensure optimal training effects, with different training routines for: fat reductionskin tighteningstrengthening the deep core musclesmassaging , or even increasing agility and coordination.

The V9's multi-function computer shows all the relevant data at a glance, allowing you to set vibration levels from 5 to 12 Hertz in 20 steps during your workout. Thanks to the remote control, you can have everything handy while training, and there's no need to bend over or change position. Defined programs or manual programs - with the V9 you have everything under control. 

Minimal storage space needed! Thanks to our superb Take-to-Carry system
If you want to stow away the V9 vibration plate after vibration training, the built-in transport wheels are easy and convenient to use. Due to its compact size, it easily fits in the wardrobe or under the bed. User-friendly, compact and safe, the AsVIVA V9 Vibration Plate.

V9 - the optimal personal trainer

Cardio training for health and vitality - The workout you can do at home

Training features at a glance
Fat loss
 Fitness and muscle building
 Strengthening of the deep core muscles
Increased mobility and coordination


Special information

Suitability of vibration training:
Thanks to the training efficiency (less training with more results) and the compactness of the vibration plate, it saves the athlete a lot of time and space. This enables effective training in almost any apartment, campervan or in the office.

Vibration training is not suitable:
during pregnancy for epilepsy patients for severe diabetes with pacemakers for deep vein thrombosis for pure endurance training with implants and artificial joints for migraine and headache patients for joint problems and joint weakness
Cardio training for health and vitality - The workout you can do at home
Principles and benefits of a vibration workout:
A clear advantage when training with the vibration plate is the efficiency, as much less time is required than with jogging or exercising with a cross trainer or rowing machine, for example. However, when training for 10 to 20 minutes per day, the following should be considered:

The body must be moved in a controlled manner on this device. Ideally, each exercise should follow this sequence: hold the selected exercise position for thirty seconds only, then take a half-minute break and then continue with the next repetition, then begin the next exercise position. 

This sounds easy, but it can make an athlete sweat quite a bit. 

This is due to the involuntary responses of the individual deep supporting muscles. In addition to the 60 percent of voluntary muscles, the 40 percent of involuntary muscles are also trained. 

This has the following effects, among others:
Supports weight loss  (more muscles use more energy) 

The skeleton is stabilised by the muscle building (preventing back pain and herniated discs)  

Due to the close connection between the muscles and the brain, myokines are released during training. These hormone-like messengers are designed to protect against type II diabetes and positively influence the cardiovascular system, lipid metabolism, brain and blood vessel walls. 

Easy storage
After vibration training, the V9 Vibro-Plate is very easy to stow. It fits easily in the wardrobe or under the bed. 

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Brand: AsVIVA
Field of application: Homesports
Color: Black
Weight: 11,5 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H): 65 x 37 x 13 cm
Workout surface: 65 x 37 cm
Characteristics: Adjustable workoutbelts (including), Damping through swinging damps, LED computer display & touchscreen function, 3 big workout zones (hard, comfort, relax)
Engine power: 200 Watt
Frequence: 5 - 12 Hz oscillating
Vibration amplitude: 1 - 10 mm
Damping system: Swing dampings
Swing type: oscillating vibration technology
Workout intensity: 20 levels
Fitnesscomputer: Yes
Display: LED-Display
Bluetooth: No
Remote control: Yes
Speed measuring: Yes
Maximum body weight: 100 kg
Integrated transport wheels: Yes
Power supply: Grid operation
Item number: V9
EAN: 4260068991665
Delivery information: Delivery free curb. Please put your phone number into the order for our forwarder to contact you.
Customer evaluation for "AsVIVA V9 Vibration Plate & Vibration Trainer"
Rating:   1 Feb 2017

vibro-plate schwarz alles bestens

Meine Frau hat sich schon lange einen Vibrationstrainer gewünscht, na da habe ich ihr den V9 zum Geburtstag geschenkt und sie ist mehr als begeistert!
Schon nach dem auspacken der platte erkennt man auf dem ersten Blick die schöne und solide Verarbeitung. Übungsbeispiele (Workout-Tipps) sind auch mit dabei.

Im Großen und Ganzen sind wir sehr zufrieden Lob an den Verkäufer und vielen Dank.

Rating:   11 Jan 2017

Leistungsvolle Vibration!

Aufgrund keiner Bewertung bezüglich dieser Vibrationsplatte waren wir beim Bestellen schon etwas skeptisch, doch was man nicht selber testet, kann man nicht beurteilen.
Die Leistung mit den 15Hz genügt völlig um eine entspannende und lösende Wirkung zu erzielen. Zudem muss ich wirklich sagen die Muskeln werden auf jeden Fall beansprucht, wie stark muss jeder für sich Feststellen, ich hatte direkt Muskelkader.

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